Gene PAV ratio

This track shows the present/absent variation ratio
of genes in the 50 tested B. napus lines:

ABUKUMA_NATANE, Alaska, Aragon, Beluga, CanberraxCourageDH, Chuosenshu, CRY_1, Darmor, DH5, Dippes,
E94197, English_Giant_194, EVVIN, Expert, Fortin, G50, GLuesewitzer, GSchnittkohl, H149, H165,
H176, H44, HIY_1, Jupiter, Kromerska, Major, MOY_4, MSL007C, Nunsdale, Olimpiade,
OLL1, Pacific, Palu, Pirola, R_13_6, R53, R76, Rapid, Resyn_Go_S4, RS_10_7,
RS_4_6, RS_7_6, RS_8_6, S_13, S_39, Savannah, Sensation, Vivol, Wotan and Tapidor

Colour legend:
Green - Present
Red - Absent
unfill - Untested