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The current version of CMap3D is 0.7 and was released 26/08/2011

CMap3D is a stand-alone application and is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. This software may be downloaded freely for academic use only. For commercial use, please contact David Edwards  to obtain a licence.

CMap3D v0_7 for Windows     CMap3D v0_7 for Mac     CMap3D v0_7 for Linux 


A current version of Sun Microsystems Java is required. Visit to get the latest version.

CMap3D will not work with GNU Java, an installation of Sun Microsystems Java is required*.

Additionally, for full functionality CMap3D is best used in either the Gnome or KDE desktop environments. Other environments have not been tested.

* Some distributions, such as Fedora, implement OpenJDK, Sun Java under an open source license. CMap3D should work with this version of Java but has not been tested. Below are some links to help install Sun Java on your favourite distribution.