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We are currently preparing a second edition of the volume ‘Plant Bioinformatics’ to be published by Humana Press (Springer).

This volume in the popular Methods in Molecular Biology series is a follow up to the first edition published in 2007. The first edition proved extremely popular, and for this second edition, I plan to maintain a similar structure. Some chapters will be the same as the original edition, but updated to ensure that they are current, while new chapters will be introduced to reflect changes in plant bioinformatics since 2007. Details of the first edition are available here:

A list of accepted authors and chapter titles is below:

  • Paul Kersey, Ensembl plants
  • Andrew Sharpe, GbyS - RAD
  • Ioannis Xenarios, Uniprot/Swissprot
  • Doreen Ware, Gramene
  • Carolyn Lawrence, MaizeGDB
  • Philipp Bayer, GbyS skim
  • Kaitao Lai,
  • Micha Bayer, Tablet/Flapjack
  • Bhavna Hurgobin, Mapping reads with SOAP
  • Klaus Mayer, PlantsDB
  • Pradeep Ruperao, TAGdb
  • Eric Sayers, Using Genbank
  • Sreya Ghosh, Tophat/cufflinks
  • Minoru Kanehisa, KEGG
  • Pankaj Jaiswal, Plant Ontology
  • Jacques Nicolas, Characterising repeats in genomes
  • Pankaj Jaiswal, PlantReactome
  • Xiaowu Wang, Brassica rapa database

These chapters have now been sent to the publisher.