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  • Currently in the final year of Bachelor program of Bio-informatics, HAN University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

About Tristan

Tristan started his Bio-informatics study three years ago in the city of Nijmegen after many months of doubting which education to do after finishing the HAVO, the dutch equivalent to College. At first he was uncertain about his choice because he had no background in programming. Within six months of time his skill grew, along with his confidence and ambitions as his doubts evaporated. Tristan is known for his enthusiasm and curiosity which drive him to try and reach his full potential.

Research Interests

Tristan's research interests lie there where they are requested; Where there is food needed, He shall analyze. Where there is a tool requested, He shall build! Where opportunity knocks, He answera! Some day Tristan hopes to be able aid in projects that will help mankind in their eternal struggle with hunger, disease and maybe even mortality. For this is just the start of his Bio-informatics career only time can tell what projects he will be working on next!

What I'm Working On

Tristan is currently working on the "SSR Taxonomy Browser", a browser that is able to show all SSRs from all sequence data from Genbank. The SSRs are acquired though a combination of Sputnik and Primer 3. This data will then be linked to the Taxonomy tree from NCBI and stored in a database. This database is then accessible to the research group through the browser.

Contact Details


Tristan de Jong

Room S424, Hartley Teakle Building (83)

University of Queensland

St Lucia, QLD, 4072

Work Phone

+61 (0)7 334 67083