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:[http://www.cicer.info/ Chickpea genome sequencing]
:[http://www.cicer.info/ Chickpea genome sequencing]
:[http://appliedbioinformatics.com.au/index.php/Seagrass_Zmu_Genome/ Seagrass genome sequencing]
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:[[Other legumes]]
:[[Other legumes]]

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About the group

The applied bioinformatics group was founded in 2007 at the University of Queensland and moved to the University of Western Australia in January 2015. Since this time, the group has established itself as a leading bioinformatics group in Australia. Our current research activities include the second generation sequencing of complex genomes and metagenomic populations, genome annotation, diversity analysis, trait association and data visualisation.

The group receives funding from the University of Western Australia, the Australian Research Council, the Grains Research and Development Corporation and several industry partners to undertake applied bioinformatics research in genetics and genomics.

The group is led by Professor David Edwards and consists of researchers with diverse backgrounds. We offer training in applied bioinformatics at all levels and publish widely in the fields of genomics, genetics and bioinformatics. Please contact David Edwards for further information.

We are based at the University of Western Australia's Crawley campus in Perth, Australia.


We publish extensively in major journals. A current list of publications can be found here 'publications'

Public research projects

The applied bioinformatics research group works in several areas associated with second generation sequencing and assembly, genetic and genomic variation analysis and the discovery and application of molecular genetic markers. We work with a range of species, mostly in collaboration with a broad range of national and international research groups.

Genome sequencing

Wheat genome sequencing
Brassica genome sequencing
Chickpea genome sequencing
Seagrass genome sequencing


A differential kmer analysis pipeline

Molecular marker discovery

SNP discovery
SSR discovery
Genetic map visualisation

Genome annotation and visualisation

Gene and genome annotation

Knowledge networks

QTLNetMiner collaboration with Rothamstead Research

Species of interest include:

Other legumes

Group members

Group leader

David Edwards


Kenneth Chan

Philipp Bayer

Pradeep Ruperao

Positions available, please contact David Edwards if interested

Research Assistants

PhD students

Primary supervisor:

Agnieszka Golicz

Andy Yuan

Armin Scheben

Bhavna Hurgobin

Jenny (Huey Tyng) Lee

Paula Andrea Martinez

Juan Montenegro

Paul Visendi Muhindira

Positions available, please contact David Edwards if interested

Master students

Positions available, please contact David Edwards if interested

Honours students

Positions available, please contact David Edwards if interested


Positions available, please contact David Edwards if interested


Positions available

There are current positions available at all levels including Postdoc, PhD students and Interns. Candidates should have a good understanding of one or more areas of Computing, Software development, Complex data analysis, Bioinformatics or Genomics. For consideration, please forward your cv and cover letter to Dave.Edwards@uwa.edu.au.