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Research interests

Pan-genomics, Graph databases & knowledge networks, genotyping by sequencing, genome assembly assessment, genome assembly improvement

I started to focus on bioinformatics during my BSc Biology in Germany, where I worked on the evolution of HIV/SIV and heat shock resistance in sea-grasses (Zostera marina and Posidonia oceanica). I then came to Australia to work on my IT skills, which culminated in a Master IT with a short stint doing SQL consulting for a web design company. At the same time I co-founded and worked on, an open repository for human genotyping datasets from customers of direct-to-consumer genotyping companies like 23andMe. I did my PhD at the University of Queensland in the Edwards group developing a novel low-coverage genotyping by sequencing pipeline, and used the pipeline to assess genome assembly quality in Brassica napus and Cicer arietinum.

I now work as a DECRA fellow in the same group focusing on the mechanisms of gene birth and gene death via the assembly, annotation and analysis of pan-genomes of several crop species (currently mostly legumes and Brassicas), genome-wide association studies, population genetics, and more.

I am also involved in organising and teaching the Bioinformatics courses SCIE4002 and SCIE5003 for Masters students at UWA (MSc Biotechnology, MSc Bioinformatics) and am an active poster on I'm also a certified and active Software and Data Carpentry instructor and have set up as well as taught at several workshops.

Academic history

I have published more than 100 publications. For an up-to-date list of my publications, please see my Google Scholar page


University of Western Australia

Crawley, Australia

Tel: +61 (0)8 6488 4311


Twitter: @PhilippBayer