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Soybean genomics

Soybean cqProt003 supplementary data

This is the supplementary data for Marsh et al.

Supplementary Tables

Supplementary Figures

Files contain Gm20 with Wm82.a1.v4 reference

Raw Indels

Raw SNPs

Filtered Insertions reformatted to biallelic

Filtered Deletions reformatted to biallelic

HaplotypeMiner input

Filtered SNPs

Soybean pangenome

Supplementary information relating to Bayer et al. 2021, Sequencing the USDA core soybean collection reveals gene loss during domestication and breeding, is available below.

JBrowse genome viewer

Supplementary Tables: Download here

The data can also be viewed on soybase and UWA Research Repository.

Local haplotyping reveals insights into the genetic control of flowering time variation in wild and domesticated soybean

[ Supplementary tables]