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TAGdb is a web-based query tool for aligning query sequences to an existing database of paired short read data. The system has been developed using Perl and MySQL and runs on a public web server TAGdb.

The interface allows researchers to upload or input a FASTA formatted nucleotide sequence up to 5000 base pairs long for comparison with one or more paired read sequence libraries. TAGdb is a public tool and we are happy to host public data. Pease contact David Edwards for details.

Further information on TAGdb can be found in the publication:

  • Marshall DJ, Hayward A, Eales D, Imelfort M, Stiller J, Berkman PJ, Clark T, McKenzie M, Lai K, Duran C, Batley J and Edwards D. (2010) Targeted identification of genomic regions using TAGdb. Plant Methods 6:19

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