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  - Berkman, P.J., Visendi, P., Lee, H.C., Stiller, J., Manoli, S., Lorenc, M.T., Lai, K., Batley, J., Fleury, D., Simkova, H., Kubalakova, M., Weining, S., Dolezel, J. and Edwards, D. (2013) Dispersion and domestication shaped the genome of bread wheat. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 11 (5): 564-571
  - Berkman PJ, Skarshewski A, Manoli S, Lorenc MT, Stiller J, Smits L, Lai K, Campbell E, Kubalakova M, Simkova H, Batley J, Dolezel J, Hernandez P and Edwards D. (2012) Sequencing wheat chromosome arm 7BS delimits the 7BS/4AL translocation and reveals homoeologous gene conservation. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 3: 423-432
  - Berkman PJ, Skarshewski A, Lorenc MT, Lai K, Duran C, Ling EYS, Stiller J, Smits L, Imelfort M, Manoli S, McKenzie M, Kubalakova M, Simkova H, Batley J, Fleury D, Dolezel J and Edwards D. (2011) Sequencing and assembly of low copy and genic regions of isolated Triticum aestivum chromosome arm 7DS. Plant Biotechnology Journal 9 (7): 768-775

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