UWA Centre for Applied Bioinformatics



Bioinformatics is an important component of diverse research projects in the biological and biomedical sciences. Within the centre, we support current research projects through sharing knowledge and facilities, moving away from individual bioinformatics researchers isolated in different groups towards establishing a community of researchers who can seek support from each other, building on communal experience and capability. The UWA Centre for Applied Bioinformatics is a virtual centre that supports bioinformatics teaching, research training, research and outreach for individuals who share similar requirements for training and access to infrastructure. The centre brings together expertise from across UWA, from 6 schools, Perkins, TKI and the Marshall centre. The Centre supports researchers at all levels and people with diverse expertise and requirements, from needing to analyse their lab data through to large scale studies using high performance computing.

The UWA web page for the Centre is UWA Centre for Applied Bioinformatics.

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