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BAC and Gene Annotator

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The BAC and Gene Annotator provides a method of discovering information about an unknown sequence or set of sequences. The Annotator provides data to ascertain sequence function, to determine splice joints, and to find synteny with other genomes.

The Annotator accepts a sequence or a set of sequences and provides a comprehensive listing of all sequence annotations that can be found in similar sequences.

If a single sequence is entered it is assumed to be a BAC with unknown structure. GenScan is used to report putative genes within the sequence, showing location within the input sequence, and splicing. Results for a BAC are displayed graphically.

If either a single sequence or multiple sequences are entered, similar sequences are found using BLAST and the matching sequences are shown. It is possible to match against standard databases or a smaller database selected by the user (eg Arabidopsis thaliana, Rice, Human, Mouse) - see Advanced Options. Results for multiple sequences and similar sequences are shown in tables.

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